Metalite – Biomechanicals

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Metalite - BiomechanicalsMetalite – Biomechanicals. I’ve followed Metalite since the first album and wondered where they’d end up with this second album. To be honest, I am disappointed in with this new album. First, the change in vocalists. The vocals on this album are for the most part boring except for a couple of tracks, read on to my thoughts on those tracks below to see what I mean. I’m a big fan of the right vocals to match an album and with strong vocals. The vocalist played it safe and failed to impress with this release.

I also feel the band played it safe. There’s nothing new or original in this album. There were a couple decent solos but way too much over mixing to where it all sounds too produced. So between the change of vocalists that didn’t bring the band up to the next level and the repetitive tracks, I just didn’t get this album. It’s not terrible, but it’s not interesting either. With a genre like Melodic Modern Powermetal I expected something bigger, especially with the vocals, no power in the vocals for this album overall. This is Melodic Pop Metal, not Powermetal.

The strongest tracks on this album were “Warrior” and “Rise of the Phonenix”. I actually really liked “Rise of the Phoenix”, had this album been more like this one track, I’d probably have really enjoyed this album. This track is the one where Erica Ohlsson‘s vocals were the strongest and where she came out of the safe zone, I want more vocals like this one track, what a shame the rest of the album is not this strong. She’s clearly got the ability, but it was missed on this album. There were a couple others that at the beginning started out strong then fell flat within the first 30 seconds.

Final thoughts, this is an album that didn’t spark my interest except for the one track I really enjoyed. Most all the tracks sounded too much alike, almost like they ran together. The album was over produced and dull. I wouldn’t go out of my way to grab this one. Much better releases out this week that will make music fans feel something other than taking a nap.

Album: Biomechanicals
Label: AFM Records
Genre: Melodic Modern Powermetal
Release Date: October 25, 2019
Rating: 3 of 5

Biomechanicals Tracklist:
Far From the Sanctury
Mind of a Monster
World On Fire
Eye of the Storm
Social Butterflies
Rise of the Phoenix
Victory or Death

Metalite are:
Erica Ohlsson (Vocals)
Edwin Premberg (Guitar)
Robert Örnesved (Guitar)
Lea Larsson (Drums)
Robert Majd (Bass)

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