Daze of Summer Band: JONO


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Daze of Summer Band #20: JONO

Day 20 brings us to JONO. This California instrumental Prog Rock artist is making music he loves while using that music to make a difference. While his music is enjoyable, skilled and fresh, it’s also helping out the environment. I’ve often said that people can and should use their star power to make a difference and JONO is doing that.

With his track North, he decided to give back to Conservation Northwest to help address the issues of deforestation that have a major impact on our environment. With me being a Pacific Northwest local, this one hit home to me and screams, DOING GOOD THINGS!  All proceeds from the sales of this track are being donated to Conservation Northwest.

But he’s not just doing good, he’s making good music that’s well worth listening to. So please, go check him out.





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