Stitched Up Heart Performs at Sunshine Studios in Colorado Springs

May 24 2018 - Sunshine Studios Live, Colorado Springs, CO

Stitched Up Heart Performs
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Stitched Up Heart Performs at Sunshine Studios in Colorado Springs – Coming off a very successful tour with In This Moment, Halestorm and their performances at Rock On The Range, New Years Day and Stitched Up Heart pulled into Sunshine Studios live early on the day of their final stop on this tour.

I got to the venue early in hopes of talking with the band members about their tour. I talked with Tony Korte (co-owner with his daughter Christina) and he let me know that a couple of the band members were pretty sick, but planning on how the evening would go. I got a chance to talk with Mixi (Alecia Demner) vocalist for Stitched up Heart, as she was talking with some of the fans that were there early too. She told me that guitarist Nick Bedrosian had strep throat and that her throat was a little tender but they would pour out everything they had. Out of all the great things she had to say about the tour, one thing stuck out, the folks at Rock on the Range told Stitched Up Heart, they have never had so many people there for the opening act starting the day as was there for them. I have seen pictures, easily pushing 3000 or more! Personally, I’m not surprised, I have followed this band for almost three years, they are going places.

Stitched Up Heart took the stage and as always, they did not disappoint. Nick, as sick as he was, sat on the side of the stage and played his heart out. They opened their set with, “City of Angels” from their album Never Alone and did not slow down at all. You would have thought, they are not finishing a tour but starting one. Watching Merrit on guitar and Randy on bass, move all over the stage and then along with Mixi, standing over the edge of the stage as the smoke and colored lights covered them, the crowd was rocking out with them. As the evening rolled on, Mixi really started throwing her hair. She is a lot of fun to watch and she really enjoys interacting with the crowd. As they broke into their final song, “Finally Free” from Never Alone, Mixi poured her heart in her vocals as the band finished their set. They took their bows to the cheers of everyone there knowing they left their all on stage. Stitched Up Heart will take a well deserved break and then hit the studio with new music. Look for them on tour in the not too distant future.

Stitched Up Heart are:
Mixi – Vocals
Decker – Drums
Merritt – Guitar
Randy – Bass
Nick – Guitar

Set List:
City of Angels
Turn You On
Event Horizon
Catch Me When I Fall
I Can’t Breathe
Never Alone
Finally Free

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