John 5 Performs at the Tacoma Guitar Festival

April 21, 2018 - Tacoma Guitar Festival, Tacoma, WA

John 5 Performs at the Tacoma Guitar Festival
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John 5 wrapped up his latest tour in Tacoma, WA with a full show at the Tacoma Guitar Festival. Many fans knew ahead of the festival that he was going to be in town performing and showed up early to grab seats, while some other guitar fanatics who were out simply to browse the gear like the acoustic electric guitar… learned of the appearance and decided to take in the masterful guitar playing that John 5 is well-known for.

It was an early afternoon show that was perfectly placed between Dave Ellefson‘s demo and Paul Reed Smith‘s discussion on the evolution of guitars. The difference for John 5, he didn’t demo, he didn’t have a discussion… he bent the minds of all those who came to listen with his technical guitar prowess, expertise and always fun yet a bit creepy stage show.

John 5 delighted fans with his advanced playing style utilizing finger picking, traditional picking, bow, toy phaser and even a babydoll.  His range of instrumental choices this tour, much like the last tour; multiple signature fender guitars (one with a body full of LED lights), mandolin, banjo and lava guitar. As with each other show I’ve seen John 5 perform, there’s always that one person in the crowd who shouts out, “where’s your singer” and this held true for this show. As John 5 told me on his last tour stop in Everett, WA last year, “Rob Zombie is the only singer I need”, and to that I completely agree.

The stage show was full of the expected theatrics that the fans have come to love. This time around, no pumpkins but blowup figures in the form of Frankenstein and a couple of Grim Reapers sat to the rear of the stage along with headstones, skulls and video screens that displayed bits of cult classic horror movies, one of which being The Exorcist. Throughout the show we were treated to characters coming on stage as evil clowns, an evil girl with a doll, a demonic priest as well as bursts of fog and even bubbles. Fans cheered loudly throughout the show. 

One of the youngest fans in the audience was a young girl who had her 3rd birthday that very weekend and she was upfront at the stage and John 5 took a moment to stop and play his guitar in front of her and interact for a moment.  Then as he spoke between songs he talked about how much he loves to see kids at his shows, but also “always wonder if one day someone will say their child is mine”, as he laughed along with the crowd.

The show wrapped up with with the crowd being sprayed with silly string by an evil clown and John 5 jumping into the audience playing his LED lit guitar for it’s final song. After the show John 5 did autographs and took photos with all the fans who wanted to meet him.

It’s always a great time out with John 5 and always many familiar faces who return time and time again to support the music and his band. Make sure you catch John 5 next time he’s out on tour!

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