Steaksauce Mustache Performs Seattle’s Top Knot Fest

March 30, 2018 - Southgate Roller Rink, Seattle, WA

Steaksauce Mustache
Steaksauce Mustache
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If you’ve never heard of Steaksauce Mustache, you’ve really been missing out! The band was in town last week for Top Knot Fest at the Southgate Roller Rink where for one night the roller rink was turned into a massive punk, rock and metal show. Two stages, one in the bar and the other was the center of the roller rink and all through performances fans could skate to the music and around the stage set in the rink.

Steaksauce Mustache appear to be hipsters at first glance, if you only look at the photos on their webpage or social media accounts, but if you dare to dive deeper and actually listen to their music you will find a really great punk/metal fusion from these Medford guys. They put on a high energy show that was completely focused on audience engagement as they took the show out into the crowd, whether with props like balloons, streamers or pool noodles or just taking themselves personally out into the audience or running across the rink floor dodging skaters like a desperate game of Frogger.  The music was intense and the guys performance only took it over the top. It’s striking how many times a vocalist can change his clothes in one set while on the stage too! One thing for certain, I really want to see these guys perform again. What a great time out with Steaksauce Mustache!

I had the opportunity to do one of the things your parents tell you to never do, get in a random van with 4 odd guys…… and I survived, but I would never recommend any of our readers try this! It was a bit of an ordeal and a load of laughs, non serious conversations and eye opening discoveries! In all seriousness, these four guys are just down to earth friends with a love and passion for making fun music and entertaining the crowds where ever they do a show. You can’t go wrong catching them live or grabbing some of their music. Check out the interview below and photos from the show. I’ve linked their website at the bottom of the post so you can track these guys down and pick up some of their merch!


Check out some live shots from their show below.


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Head over to our Facebook page for the full photo gallery of photos from the show.

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