Interview: Joyous Wolf’s Nick Reese

'Enigma' to release in early 2018

Nick Reese
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This past weekend Joyous Wolf was in Seattle for their first live show in our city. I had a chance to chat with vocalist Nick Reese about the band, the music and what’s coming up for them in 2018.

If you’ve yet to hear the name Joyous Wolf, you really need to discover this band.  The first time I heard them I immediately thought of the Rival Sons.  The band comes from the Los Angeles area and just hit the road with Adelitas Way for a west coast tour.  They are making great rock music built heavily on the blues. The best way I can describe their sound is raw, gritty, bluesy and sexy!  Anytime rock music is done correctly with the blues, it’s got an animalistic, sensual appeal to the sound. This is exactly what Joyous Wolf has captured in their music and they top it off with a killer live performance packed full of high energy, audience inclusion and lots of funky movements channeling Elvis and James Brown.

The band has a full length album titled ‘Engima’ releasing in early 2018 and I managed to snag a copy while they were in here in Seattle and can tell you with full certainty…. you want to buy this album when it’s available to the masses! They will also be hitting the USA festival circuit this summer on many of the Danny Wimmer Presents festivals so check out their lineups so you can catch these guys!

Check out the full audio interview below with Nick Reese, then check out their video for the single “Mountain Man” and of course, live show photos from their stop here in Seattle.  I’ve linked their online presence at the bottom of the page, so head over and give these guys some likes and follows!

Joyous Wolf is:
Nick Reese – Vocals
Blake Allard – Guitar
Greg Braccio – Bass
Robert Sodaro – Drums

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