Album Review: Ne Obliviscaris ‘Urn’

Available October 27th via Season of the Mist

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Ne Obliviscaris
Album: Urn
Label: Season of the Mist
Genre: Progressive Metal
Release Date: October 27 2017

The follow up to the 2014 release ‘Citadel’Ne Obliviscaris has released another mind bending prog-metal album with ‘Urn’. On this musical journey you will find so many elements that will continue to form your opinions about Ne Obliviscaris and what they are doing to music.

For those of you not yet familiar with Ne Obliviscaris, on this album they give listeners arrangements that they’d never expect to hear, something not done before. Think along the lines of ‘The Last Airbender’ molding metal music into a symphony and forcing some almost jazz infused arrangements all into the same track then blended with different vocal tracks not meant to work with each other but surprisingly do. Nothing that is supposed to work together, but coming together as one.  This is what Ne Obliviscaris does.  They experiment and test musical boundaries to make something new and different.  This is not your high school band and nothing most music instructors would ever teach their students.  This is fundamental Progressive Metal.

For those of you who have been following the Ne Obliviscaris musical progression, you already get what they are doing and know it’s like the ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ musical meal so to speak.  On ‘Urn’ you will get more growls, melodic vocals, abstract guitar riffs, pummeling drums all while over shadowing the string instruments and unforgiving violins.

On this album the shortest track is 2:36, then the next shortest is 6:38.  The longest track… a staggering 11:51 track time. So for anyone looking at the relatively small number of tracks on this album, 6 to be exact, you still have a long run with a total run time of 45:55 for the entire album.

These 6 tracks will grab your attention as they twist and turn taking you on an unexpected path of musical amazement. Manic tempo progressions mixed with crazy, dark growls then the introduction of string instruments, then airy, ethereal vocals that last short lived moments as the metal progression enters to mix it all up again. This album will keep you guessing all the way through with the creative writing and performance style.

I really enjoyed this album and urge you to try it out.  Give it a full listen before forming your opinion and expand your musical norms.  This is far from the daily norm in so much of today’s music.  ‘Urn’ is out October 27th via Season of the Mist.


Libera (Part I) – Saturnine Spheres
Libera (Part II) – Ascent of Burning Moths
Intra Venus
Urn (Part I) – And Within the Void We Are Breathless
Urn (Part II) – As Embers Dance in Our Eyes

Tim Charles – Violin, Vocals (clean)
Xenoyr – Vocals (harsh)
Matt Klavins – Guitars
Daniel Presland – Drums
Benjamin Baret – Guitars

All dates w/ ALLEGAEON
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