Josh Turner Performs at the Evergreen State Fair

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The first time I heard of Josh Turner was in 2005 when I first heard “Long Black Train” on my local country radio station.  It’s not very often listeners get to hear a country singer with such deep baritone vocals so when they do, it is pretty memorable.   I knew instantly that he would be a musician to keep an eye on and what’s come since that first taste of amazing country music has been nothing short of pure country music that will last.

Over the years, I, along with many other fans, have enjoyed many great albums released by Josh Turner; Long Black Train (2003), Your Man (2006), Everything is Fine (2007), Haywire (2010), Icon (2011), Punching Bag (2012) and this years release Deep South that was released in March.  I particularly enjoy the title track “Deep South”, it has a lot of John Anderson feel to it and I’ve always been a big fan of his music, but the entire album is great as well.  I don’t know how Josh Turner manages to keep the magic that is his music, but I sure hope he never loses it.  He’s an artist I always look forward to hearing new music from.

Josh Turner took to the stage at the Evergreen State Fair last night just after an interlude of Charlie Pride‘s “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” wearing a Smokey The Bear t-shirt. Accompanying Josh Turner was his band made up of 6 talented musicians playing all kinds of instruments.  I noted a few acoustic guitars, electric guitar, banjo, bass, standing bass, slide guitar, steel guitar, mandolin, fiddle and drums.

He played hits “Deep South”,  “Hometown Girl”, “Me and God”, Backwoods Boy”, “Long Black Train”, and “Your Man” among many other great songs on his setlist for the night.  The fans, young and old, were at times up on their feet dancing and singing along and all throughout the show cheering.  There was also a line dancing group at the show that the fair invited to add some extra entertainment during the show.  The ladies were dolled up in country fashion from cowgirl hats, shiny red shirts with white tassels, bell bottom blue jeans with that had red white and blue stars and gems, belts and shiny buckles, and of course cowgirl boots. The men were in cowboy hats, red matching team t-shirts, jeans, belts and shiny buckles and cowboy boots.  The ladies and fellas were split into 2 groups and dancing on both edges of the seating through out the show.  At one point in the show Josh stopped to take time thank the crowd for coming out to the show.  Then thanked the dancers and mentioned he’d had a group photo with them before the show and it was on the best photo he’d taken on tour.  He then went on trying to remember their group name by calling them the Western Washington Dancers, then joked he couldn’t remember but that it sounded good to him.  Their actual name is the West Coast Country Heat.  You should check them out, they were a lot of fun.

Then Josh spotted a group in matching blue t-shirts in the upper bleacher seats and started chatting with them asking if they are a bridal shower.  The group responded with a loud cheer and he said to the crowd, “See I’m a smart guy, I can figure that out.”  Then says to the group, “If my eyes are seeing correctly your shirts say the I Do Crew” as the group broke out in loud cheers.  The conversation then took a comical turn as Josh jokingly asked the bride-to-be, “Where’s your fiance?”  Bride-to-be, “At home.”  To which Josh sarcastically replied,  “Tell him I love him too.” That brought lots of laughter from the group and the audience.  Josh then went back to performing for the evening.

The first time I had the chance to see Josh Turner live was at this same fair many years ago, it was either in 2006 or 2007.  So seeing this show last night brought back the feeling of the first show.  Not a lot has changed in his performance since then and that’s a good thing.  That’s one of the things I truly enjoy about a live Josh Turner show is that his shows are never over the top. Simple lighting and traditional entertainment the fundamentals of his shows.  His performances are built around great music and for fans who love the music.  He’s personable with his audiences and makes the fans feel like part of his show.  If you’ve never seen him live before, you need to do it sometime.  It’s a night of real music and genuine entertainment.

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Review/Photos by: Diane Webb
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