Rancid and The Dropkick Murphy’s Bring a Night of Punk to Seattle

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On the afternoon of August 16th, mohawks, liberty spikes and anarchy logos could be seen for blocks in Seattle.  For most people they would be concerned, but for those who knew about the tour that was in town it was nothing out of the norm.  Rancid and The Dropkick Murphy’s were in town to raise a bit of chaos in the Emerald City.

First up for the evening was The Selecter.  The ska band was a special treat for many audience members.  The Selecter have been around for quite a while and don’t make it over to the United States too often.  As soon as they broke into their hit song “Too much Pressure” the floor turned into a circle of dancing.  The 35 minute set was filled with hit after hit.  If you see that this band is making it to a city near you make sure to check them out.  They are worth it.

Next up for the evening was the legendary Boston punks The Dropkick Murphy’s.  The band came out to their song “The Lonesome Boatman” which quickly stirred the crowd into a frenzy.  Vocalist Al Barr quickly hopped into the audience to sing along side the concert goers.  The audience got extra rowdy as the band jumped straight into their smash hit “The Boys Are Back” which drew in one of many crowd surfers for the night.  The hour long set was filled with hit after hit.  Some of which were “Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya”, “Blood”, “Boys On The Docks” and “I’m Shipping Up To Boston.”  During the final song of their set, audience members started to fill up the stage and dance around with the band. The Dropkick Murphy’s are quite a spectacle to see live.  They know how to use every inch of the stage to make sure the audience feels right at home.  Whenever this band announces a show near your area, make sure to be there.  It will be a performance you won’t forget.

Finally the moment the crowd had been waiting for, Rancid was about to take the stage.  With the crowd already wound up from the Dropkick Murphy’s you could cut the tension in the room with a knife.  As soon as the lights went out vocalist, Tim Armstrong stood by himself singing the intro for their song “Radio”.  After the song, chants of the bands name erupted throughout the entire venue “Rancid, Rancid“.  During the second song of their set guitarist, Lars Frederiksen spotted a flag that had been somehow snuck into the venue the read Rancid in huge red letters.  The hour long set was filled with many fan favorites spanning the bands entire catalogue.  One of the songs that got the biggest pops of the night was their song “Olympia WA.” Not a single person was quiet during that song.  The coolest part of the evening was during the encore.  The lights came back on and Al Barr from The Dropkick Murphy’s was helping lead the audience in singing “Cretin Hop” by The Ramones.  The encore was filled with covers from Sham 69, Johnny Cash, and Cock Sparrer.  Needless to say this was quite a sight to see for all of the punks that got to be at the show.  If you get a chance to see Rancid live I would highly recommend it.  They will never disappoint you.  I would definitely say to get tickets in advance because it will sell out much like this show had.

Rancid Setlist:

Roots Radicals
Journey To The End Of The East Bay
Maxwell Murder
The 11th Hour
East Bay Night
Dead Bodies
Ghost Of Chance
Telegraph Avenue
Old Friend
Where I’m Going
Blood clot
Olympia WA
It’s Quite Alright
Fall Back Down
Time Bomb
Ruby Soho

Cretin Hop (with The Dropkick Murphy’s)
If The Kids Are United (with The Dropkick Murphy’s)
Folsom Prison Blues (with The Dropkick Murphy’s)
Take ’em All (with The Dropkick Murphy’s)

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