Amorphis Stop in Seattle on North American Tour 2017

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Last week Amorphis stopped in at El Corazon in Seattle on their North American 2017 tour.  Along with them they brought fellow Finnish doom metal band Swallow the Sun.

Opening support for the show started out with locals Black Liquid Funeral.  This local group hadn’t performed together in a long time so it was a set full of fun and music.  The band didn’t take themselves too seriously as they joked about not playing for a bit then at one point the vocalist pulled out his cellphone to pull up lyrics to a song that he couldn’t quite remember.  The music was pretty good and the band a lot of fun.

Next up were Seattle local’s Rhine.  Rhine is an in your face metal band who’s sole intent is to have fun while they melt your faces off.  I can tell you this, they succeeded!  As their set started off fog began pumping out from behind the drum kit and the band ripped into one song after the next.  I always love seeing this local band on a lineup because I know its going to be a great set.

Third up for the night was Swallow the Sun.  As the band began playing the crowd began moving.  The intensity of the night had thoroughly kicked off and stayed up the remainder of the evening.  The band performed an 8 song set before wrapping up their show.  Fans were hoping to get more music from the guys, so hopefully we will see them back in Seattle soon!

Last up for the evening was Amorphis.  The band met with some of their fans earlier in the evening during a meet and greet where fans chatted with the band, got autographs and had photos taken. A couple of the fans I chatted with had come over from Spokane to catch the show whilst a few others had caught a few of the other shows on this current tour and decided they needed another dose and joined the Seattle fans.  All were thrilled to get a chance to meet the guys.

Amorphis took to the stage under red lighting and a stream of fog as they kicked off their set with Under the Red Cloud and continued on to perform 14 songs for the Seattle show.  During one of the songs of the evening, vocalist Mikko Kotamäki of Swallow the Sun took to the stage to join in singing with the band.  The band ended their set with Black Winter Day.  Fans cheered and cheered in hopes to get the band to perform a few more songs from their long catalog, but to no avail.  The night was a wrap and the fans will certainly return the next time Amorphis makes their way back to Seattle.

The band is heading back into the studio later this year to begin recording a new album so stay tuned on details in the next few months!

For now, the bands are in their last few dates of the North American tour, tonight… Denver, CO.  Get out there and support them!

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