Journey, The Doobie Brothers and Dave Mason Perform at the White River Ampitheatre

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Legendary artists Journey, The Doobie Brothers and Dave Mason performed at the White River Ampitheatre in Auburn, WA this past Tuesday as part of their San Francisco Fest 2016 tour.  It was the perfect summer evening for this outdoor event to take place.  Fans of all ages came out to see these artists who’s careers have spanned across many decades.

The show started off with British great Dave Mason kicking it off with “Only You Know and I Know”.  As he took to the stage the sun was just beginning to set.  In this venue the sun becomes blinding to the performers on the stage as it beams directing into their faces.  Thankfully they all came out prepared with hats and sunglasses so their set went on without issue.  Fans sang along to much loved songs throughout the performance and cheered as unexpected songs began.  If you haven’t seen Dave Mason before or in a while, make a point to do it.

The Doobie Brothers took the stage and without wasting anytime started off their set with “Jesus is Just Alright” and continued on with many of their hit songs from their career.  I’d never had the chance to see them live before and growing up listening to them made watching their set very surreal.  They sounded amazing and were very entertaining.  I would have been content if the show would have ended after The Doobie Brothers set but the night just got even better as it went on.

Having not seen Journey live with Arnel Pineda fronting the band before (since 2007) I was very interested to see how different or much alike the live and in person performance would be compared to Steve Perry fronting the band.  Although Steve is no longer fronting the band (left in 1998), has not been for quite sometime and then there was Steve Augeri for a time, the last time I was at a live Journey performance was in the Perry days.  I tried to go into this show with no expectations and with an open mind to be fair about the experience.  I am glad I went in with that mindset.  Of course I’ve heard Journey with the new front man and there’s no argument that he is an amazing singer, but the live show I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

As Journey took to the stage, the band was greeted with loud cheering.  They started straight in with “Separate Ways” and the fans were up on their feet cheering and singing along.  Arnel came out onto the stage like a flash of high octane energy.  He was singing while running back and forth on the huge stage and just when I thought maybe he was going to run out of energy he jumped into the air and over a few sound monitors and kept on singing and continued running and jumping throughout the show.  Arnel is the perfect replacement as a front man for Journey, especially in their live shows.  He brings so much energy and excitement to the band that blends in perfectly with the high caliber and talented musicians in the group (Neal Schon, Ross Valory, Steve Smith & Jonathan Cain).  The show was packed full of great music, hit songs, band to fan interaction and solos from Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon.  The band ended the show with an encore of “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’”.  I have to say, if you are like me and haven’t been a live Journey show since Arnel Pineda has joined the group, you need to make a point of going to see them live.  After all of these years of being a fan of their music, they just keep surprising me.  You can’t go wrong going to see these guys perform.  What an absolutely great evening!


Dave Mason Setlist
Only You Know and I Know
Rock and Roll Stew(Traffic song)
We Just Disagree
Look at You Look at Me
Dear Mr. FantasyTraffic song)
Feelin’ Alright(Traffic song)
All Along the Watchtower(Bob Dylan cover)

Doobie Brothers Setlist
Jesus Is Just Alright(The Art Reynolds Singers cover)
Rockin’ Down the Highway
Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)(Kim Weston cover)
Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
Sweet Maxine
Eyes of Silver
Clear as the Driven Snow
Takin’ It to the Streets
The Doctor
Black Water
Long Train Runnin’
China Grove

Without You
Listen to the Music

Journey Setlist
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
Be Good to Yourself
Only the Young
The Star-Spangled Banner(John Stafford Smith cover)
Stone in Love
Any Way You Want It
Jonathan Cain Piano Solo
Open Arms
Who’s Crying Now
La Do Da(with Steve Smith drum solo)
Neal Schon Guitar Solo
Wheel in the Sky
Don’t Stop Believin’

Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’
Outro (The Place in Your Heart)

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