Show Review: Wednesday 13 / The Relapse Symphony / Casca’s Dagger / Pill Brigade

Wednesday 13
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Wednesday 13 Gig Review

Friday night Wednesday 13 performed in Seattle along with guests The Relapse Symphony, Casca’s Dagger and Pill Brigade.  Having never seen any of these bands live before I wasn’t sure what to expect, but one thing I already knew was the music that Wednesday 13 performs.  So I knew if nothing else, the music would be great.

This show had two local support bands from the Seattle area.  First up was Pill Brigade.  I’d never heard of this band before the show so I had no idea what to expect from these guys.  Walking into El Corazon the first thing I noticed was a couple of mannequin heads sitting on the edge of the stage on a spike then half of a mannequin body on the other side of the stage.  I initially thought this band would be some sort of horror metal, but when they took the stage I quickly learned the answer was absolutely not.  This band’s music could best be described as Depeche Mode meets screaming death metal.  Entertaining but strange at the same time.  This band sounds more techno than metal to me so for the metal heads out there, this may not be the band for you. If you are into metal mash-ups with a techno sound this may just be the band for you.  You never know until you give them a listen.

Next up from Everett was Casca’s Dagger.  These guys have a good rock sound and were entertaining to watch.  No gimmicks, just a rock show.  I’d probably see them again if the opportunity came up.  I’d say locals should check them out.

The Relapse Symphony was a band I hadn’t previously heard before and I have to say, I really liked their sound.  These guys are a band from Washington, D.C. with a hardcore punk/rock sound that’s really solid.  They put on a no frills set that was really fun and entertaining.  Their music is catchy and makes you want to sing along with them.  I’d expect this won’t be the last time we see them perform here in Seattle.  They are definitely a band to seek out to listen to and catch a live show if you have the chance.  Check them out for yourselves.

Last up, the most anticipated band of the night, Wednesday 13.  I typically enjoy bands who add theatrics into their shows.  It makes the show a bit more fun and I tend to really immerse myself into the show to soak it all in.  These guys did not let me down.  As the show started, fog filled the room.  The scene was set for something a bit dark and mischievous to follow.  To the crowd’s delight, Wednesday 13 took to the stage with their signature painted faces and unleashed song after song.  The band connected immediately with the audience and their energy filled the room.  As Jason Poole aka Wednesday 13 commanded the audience to raise their fists, sing along and raise their middle fingers high throughout the show, the fans willing obliged his every command.

This was a great show to see live.  I would recommend to anyone who has never seen them live before to seek them out.  Of course to fans who have seen them, keep seeing them live!  This is a band that needs to keep touring because they are fantastic live.  Wednesday 13 is on tour through early June 2016 in the USA, then have a few dates later this year in the United Kingdom.  It was mentioned at the show that there will be more tour dates later this year in the USA.  They should be announced in the near future so keep checking their site if you don’t see a tour date near you.   In the meantime you can check out photos from the Seattle show below.


(The Fall of All)
Come Out And Plague
Astro Psycho – Galactic Blood-Drive
Get Your Grave On
The Ghost of Vincent Price
Scream Baby Scream
(Bloodline 666)

Serpent Society
Blood Sucker
Transylvania 90210
Hail Ming
Keep Watching The Skies
(Coming Attractions)

Dixie Dead
My Home Sweet Homicide
197666 (Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 cover)

I Love To Say Fuck (Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 cover)
Bad Things
Monsters Of The Universe

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